Ready to Lead?

Teach, Coach, Guide, Impact, Lead and become a Veteran Mentor today. 

Ready to Lead?

Teach, Coach, Guide, Impact, Lead and become a Veteran Mentor today. 

Montgomery County, Veterans Treatment Court

The Veterans Treatment Court, is a specialty court established here in 2012 and identifies Justice Involved Veterans who have been Honorably Discharged to participate in a 3 Phase rehabilitation program.  This specialty court is designed with a unique aspect of incorporating a myriad of intimate direct support that our most vulnerable population of Veterans require. Positioned to invoke the challenging healing of those who carry the invisible wounds of combat such at PTSD and Traumatic Brain Injuries that our service members have experienced in their selfless service to our nation.

Encompassing this specialty court is a unique blend of support specialists.  Many of them are Veterans themselves or have had parents or siblings who have served.  This mission is personal, and with one goal, assisting and supporting our most vulnerable population of Veterans and rebuilding their lives, giving them a new start, and returning them back to their families and communities whole and as a productive part of our society.

Who are we?

The Veterans Treatment Court consists of a team uniquely centered around the Veteran.  This team consists of the Presiding Judge, Veteran Bailiff and Parole officer, Veteran Justice Officer, Veteran Mentor Coordinator, Veteran Attorney/Counsel, Public Defenders Office, and a Veteran Service Officer, along with supporting court administrative personnel.  However, one of the defining differences is the Veteran Mentor.  The cornerstone and connecting element that supports the Veteran assigned through the program is a “Battle Buddy” who is there to reach out to and on and as a leader to assist in the path to success and graduation of the program.


What is the Veteran Mentor Program and How do I get involved?

The Mentor is a Volunteer Veteran who is assigned to a Justice-Involved Veteran whom we call a Mentee.  The Mentee is assigned based on compatibility and availability.  The Mentor provides peer support and guidance.  Overseeing this program is the Mentor Coordinator who educates, trains, and navigates the Veteran Mentor Group which meets twice monthly through a continuing series of volunteer Mentor Group Meetings where concepts, insights, and strategies are introduced.

Professionals from Mental Health, Drug Enforcement and Education Agencies, Social Workers, Police, and Legal professions are some of the special presenters. These meetings assist, in educating and enhancing the Mentor as he leads his Mentee through the program while also educating us on our community collectively. These meetings bring Veterans together invoking internal camaraderie and enhancing each other’s own knowledge within the Veteran community as we dine on catered meals and beverages in our group discussions to better ourselves as leaders to our Mentees.


Join The Team

With more Veterans active in the program, we are always in need of Volunteer Mentors to work alongside these Veterans. We are actively seeking men and women to serve as mentors. Contact our Mentor Coordinator at 937-225-4801 to get started today.

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