The Montgomery County Veterans Service Commission transportation service is for veterans with verified medical appointments with any medical provider in Montgomery County who do not have access to other means of transportation to their appointment.

MCVSC will provide transportation through the Regional Transit Authority (RTA) for clients who have a verified medical appointment.

Once the following required information is received, the application (download here) will be processed for verification and an RTA bus pass will be mailed to the client.  In order to ensure the client receives the bus pass in a timely manner, please provide the required information at least 10 business days prior to the actual appointment.

The client must provide a copy of all DD Forms 214.  The client must have an honorable or under honorable (general) character of service, which must be visible on DD Form 214.  If the client has been previously assisted by MCVSC, the client will need to verify that a copy is on file with MCVSC as the client will need to submit DD Forms 214 only once.

Proof of residency information must be verified and included in the information on the front inside cover of the file.  Staff should replace outdated residency information and the old information should be removed from the front inside cover of the file and attached to the corresponding financial assistance application in the file.  Only the latest residency information should be contained in the folder. 

The client must provide a valid federal or state photo ID and included in the information on the front inside cover of the file. 

The client must provide a copy of the scheduled medical appointment for every appointment the client is requesting transportation.  MCVSC is not responsible for obtaining medical information.  

The application is then submitted to management for approval and an RTA bus pass will be mailed to the client. 

If the client to be transported is able to walk they will be provided an RTA pass.  If the client is unable to walk to a bus stop due to disability or mobility issues they may be eligible for ParaTransit accommodations via the RTA.

MCVSC also provides alternative transportation for clients with a “last-minute” scheduled medical appointment.  This transportation service is to be used only if all other transportation methods have been exhausted.   Call us at 937-225-4801 and be prepared to provide the following information:

·         Client’s Name

·         Client’s Phone Number

·         Trip starting and ending time(s)

·         Trip starting and ending destination(s)

·         Total non-ambulatory clients, which will be one

We are unable to transport clients with our County vehicle.  All transportation will be provided in the manner outlined above.


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